Ryfylke Kajakk

Ryfylke Kajakk is a company wich offers you courses and guided trips in seakayak. We`re sorry that not the entire site is been translated into english. Anyhow, we`ve tried to gather the most important information here, and remember, you`re always welcome to send us an mail or give us a call.

PS: The english you`ll be experience at the tours or courses is more or less this level. Wich means it`ll be a lot more fun for you since it would not be  just the kayaking wich makes you smile.

Who we are, what we do, and a bit of history

Ryfylke Kajakk is a company wich offers you courses and guided trips in seakayak. We can offer you quite basic courses and more advanced kayakcourses. All of our instructors are highly educated through the Norwegian Paddleassosiation (NPF) and some of us have aslo attended some international recognised courses by BSU. We also share a passion for the the ocean and the experience of kayaking. The company have been exsisting for six years and more then 2000 people have been kayaking with us. The founder of the company is Torbjørn Bjelland, from a small village named Jelsa, the pearl of Rogaland. He has been kayaking for twelve years, studying among other topics oceanography, biology and marine history. He is now working as a teacher when he doesn`t go kayaking. The rest of the team is working as freelancers. All of them are (by my guarantee) among the top kayakinstructors in Norway.

The courses

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To book any of these courses please use the «Påmeldingskjema», send an email or call us.
We are offering these courses:

Grunnkurs (means basiccourse)

This is actually the second one of the seven courses NPF has made. It`s an 16 hour course wich guides you into the sport (and joy!) of kayaking.The first one is the Introcourse wich we don`t recommend unless you`re a company who wants to have some fun an afternoon. (4hours). On the Grunnkurs you`ll learn how to enter the kayak, forwardstrokes, manouvering, bracestroke, sidewaypaddling, planning a trip, safety, rescues etc. etc. It`s quite a lot you can pick up and work more with through the summer. Even if you have been kayaking a bit before this would be the right course to start with. Our instructors will make sure that all of you will have fun, and learn a lot no mather wich level you are at. Approx. 50% of all the participants have never been kayaking before. The age goes from 13 – 70 years.

Our focus is safety and joy!

Coursefee: 2100 NOK
Equipment rental: 500 NOK

Teknikkurs (means techniccourse)

You`ll have to have the Grunnkurs or something equal to attend this course. You`ll learn more manuevering, more forwardpaddling, more rescues and safety. You`ll also learn how to tow other kayaks, you`ll get the chance to try all this in different conditions. And you`ll get an introduction to the eskimorole.
This is definitivly most enjoyable course and the one you`ll learn most. The reason why you must have Grunnkurs before attending this one is that there is so much stuff to do on this course sp we can`t focus on the basic here..

Coursefee: 2100 NOK
Equipment rental: 500 NOK



Learn how to role a kayak like the eskimos did. We don`t garantue you making it on the course. But we do guarantee you some «ahas»..

Coursefee: 600 NOK

Send us an email if you have any questions!